Dog Training Classes for Kids in Peoria, Arizona
Dog Training Classes for Kids, Peoria, Arizona

Dog Training for Rescue Dogs by Children

Kids Training Rescue Dogs - Peoria, AZ

Learn About, Love and Help Dogs in Need!

The Anything’s Pawsible Pet Program offers fun and creative dog training classes for kids ages 12 to 15. We provide a hands-on, safe environment where children can develop empathy, compassion and respect for others by connecting and bonding with rescue dogs.

Here’s a chance for your son or daughter to learn dog training and assist a rescue dog to be adopted.  Our class sessions will help them form a safe and beneficial relationship as partners and friends. Your child will learn how to read and communicate in a dog’s language.  Each day will bring new insights for your child to share with you.

Please Adopt Our Rescue Dogs!

All of the dogs in our program will be available for adoption.  The training foundation that the children instill in these dogs helps to prepare them for a permanent, loving forever home. Please consider us when looking to add a quality dog to your family.

Anything’s Pawsible classes teach children how to train rescue dogs in obedience, good manners, and tricks. Positive reinforcement is used, and safety and responsibility are emphasized. Each week focuses on creating teamwork between the dogs and children.

We hope you will become a part of this wonderful relationship and powerful journey.


501c3 charity organization for dog rescue and adoption in Peoria, AZ

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement Training for Dogs

At Anything’s Pawsible, we are committed to positive reinforcement dog training.  We teach children the reward-based humane method that’s a highly effective way for dogs to learn free from stress or fear of retribution.  We train for success…not failure, so that training is fun, fast and fair.


Anything’s Pawsible

Anything’s Pawsible Pet Program offers fun and engaging after school classes in Peoria, Arizona. We teach children how to train rescue dogs for obedience, good manners, agility, and tricks.
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